Book Review: Clinton Cash

If you haven’t already, go to your local library and read Peter Schweizer‘s Clinton Cash.

Clinton Cash. is a damning, scathing indictment of foreign control of the US gov’t – an eye-opener you will not believe.

Chapter 4 is about India, and about how Indian nationals regularly bribe US gov’t officials, and donate to US non-profits such as the Clinton Foundation. One Indian national gave tens of millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation from his personal wealth. The book states that, in fact, bribery is rampant all over the world in political and business circles.

The Clinton Foundation also received millions from Russian-linked state-backed energy firms in Khzakstan and other countries.

4 advisors to the Clinton Foundation from India were arrested and tried or convicted for financial crimes.

The level of foreign corruption in our gov’t goes far beyond what most Americans would even imagine.

Schweizer’s book is a must-read for every American.

We have to get foreign influence out of our gov’t now.

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