Google VP of Government Affairs Karan Bhatia Deceives Americans

There is no “backlog”.

These people are all Y2K visa overstayers who were supposed to be temporary workers and leave in 2003 when Y2K ended.

Instead millions of them illegally filled for green cards and stole Silicon Valley from Americans who created it.

None of these people are legally allowed to work in America.

Silicon valley was created by Americans long before these invaders arrived. We don’t need these people – they need our jobs.

Now they are all screaming for green cards, when the law clearly says it is illegal for foreign workers who enter on temporary visas to file for green cards.

As usual, Google is full of criminal inadmissible aliens such as Bhatia who are lying to the public and doing mass criminal visa fraud in plain sight.

Uttar Pradesh is known all over India as one of the most corrupt and violent states in the country. Bhatia is also a Columbia grad – a school known for its radical left-leaning communist agenda and views. He also was a VP at General Electric – one of the most notorious abusers of the H-1B visa program in America.

Call your congresspeople now and demand an end to all foreign work visa programs.

If the US actually had any law enforcement, Karan Bhatia would be arrested immediately.

8 U.S. Code § 1182 – Inadmissible aliens

Karan Bhatia – Wikipedia

‘A race to the bottom’: Google temps are fighting a two-tier labor system | Google | The Guardian

Early life and education

Bhatia’s family is originally from Uttar Pradesh,[5] but he was born in Washington D.C. His father is a retired official for the World Bank and of Indian descent, moving to the United States in the 1960s.[5] His mother is English and retired as well. He attended Princeton where he received a bachelor’s degree in International Relations.[5][6] He went on to earn his master’s degree from the London School of Economics prior to attending Columbia Law School.[7]

There is no backlog. You are all Y2K visa overstayers and inadmissible aliens who are not allowed to work in America.

It’s not discrimination, Sandip. You’re not allowed to work here. It’s the law. And you are your ilk are violating it.

Stop the lies. Y2K ended in 2003 and you all overstayed your visas by 19 years.

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