Sundar Pichai brings India’s caste bias inside Google: Washington Post

Foreign agent Pichai shakes hands with his boss, Narenda Modi of India.

Silicon Valley is full of these Nazi racists from India.

Why do we even allow this to go on inside our top tech companies?

Not only is it morally wrong, but it’s totally illegal under at least 3 Federal laws.

Inadmissible alien and H-1B fraudster Sundar Pichai must be removed + deported immediately.

He illegally entered the US on a student visa with intent to immigrate, which is a Federal crime.

Only in America can a criminal inadmissible alien visa overstayer become CEO of a top stolen big tech company.

“Widespread caste bias has spread from India through the diaspora and arrived inside Google, headed by its Indian American CEO Sundar Pichai, according to the Washington Post.

Google had planned to host a talk in April about caste bias by Thenmozhi Soundararajan, the founder and executive director of Equality Labs — an Oakland, California, based nonprofit that advocates for Dalits, or members of the lowest-ranked caste —for Dalit History Month.

But the talk was canceled despite a direct appeal to Pichai after Google employees began spreading disinformation, calling her “Hindu-phobic” and “anti-Hindu” in emails to the company’s leaders, the Post said citing documents posted on Google’s intranet and some unnamed employees.

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Tanuja Gupta, a senior manager at Google News who invited Soundararajan to speak, resigned over the incident, the Post said citing a copy of her goodbye email posted internally Wednesday”.

Americans have good reason to be Hinduphobic given the dangerous Nazi criminal nature of most Indians. Not to mention mass rape of our economy.

Welcome to Silicon Valley – home of the racist Indian Mafia.

“In a statement cited by the Post, Google spokesperson Shannon Newberry wrote, “Caste discrimination has no place in our workplace. We also have a very clear, publicly shared policy against retaliation and discrimination in our workplace.

Then why is every person in this Google photo Asian? Google does nothing but discrimination against non-Asians.
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