Arrest made after racist rant at Cupertino T-Mobile store

Anti-white racism is on display everywhere – even at Apple – even in Cupertino.

Probably a former Apple employee tired of being run out of his own industry and country by armies of inadmissible alien invaders stealing US jobs from Americans.

No one can deny there is a systematic effort to erase white men from advertising everywhere in the US.

According to Federal H-1B data, T-Mobile employed nearly 500 illegal inadmissible alien workers. Apple employs 1000s of them illegally.

As the article states, T-Mobile clearly discriminates against white employees in violation of US law and EEOC rules.

No mention of those facts in the…… article.

What about mass economic hate crimes on Americans by inadmissible alien workers?


Patch reports Clifford Stewart faces charges of force likely to produce great bodily injury, hate crimes, vandalism, and threat against a police officer.

According to KTVU, a judge ordered him held without bail after he refused to allow deputies to transport him to his hearing on Friday.

Stewart allegedly removed a sign from the front of the phone store. Employees told NBC Bay Area he began yelling racial epithets at a Latina employee and her Asian male co-worker when they ran outside to retrieve the sign”.

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