H-1B COVID Hero Invasion Results in Mass Tech Layoffs

It’s 2001 all over again. Just as when tech was booming in the late 1990s and 2000, Alan Greenspan, Bill Clinton, and Bob Reich decided American workers were making too much so they decided to flood the US by passing the American Competitiveness in the 21st Century Act in late 1998 and again in April, 2001.

The result was a flood of H-1B workers from India and China who immediately began driving American tech workers from their jobs. The result was the “dot-com bust” of 2002.

Of course there was no “bust” – it was all engineered by greedy bankers and jealous failed loser pols like the Clintons.

And now the establishment is doing it again.

Open borders and weaponized immigration are used to drive wages down and keep the public beholden to the banks and to the gov’t.

Gov’t is supposed to serve the people, not manipulate it.

No one can continue to argue that increasing immigration helps the US economy.

So now the new tech bust is at hand.

COVID Heroes failed to perform as promised and the economy is getting worse, not better.

The system will not allow anything to succeed that it does not control.

This gov’t does not represent the interests of the American people. It hasn’t for a long time.

And too much prosperity is bad for the loan business.

They’re waiting 100 years for green crads because they don’t perform as promised.

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