What US Citizenship Gets You in STEM – The Back of the Hiring Line

That is illegal discrimination under US law.

In all liklihood, Coinbase is feeling the downdraft of the H-1B and open borders invasion under Biden.

Just more proof that more immigration harms all of America’s economy – Americans and invaders.

A rising tide does not lift all boats, as the saying goes.

Where is Tommy Boy Friedman now?


“This international student’s LinkedIn post reeks of desperation for a work visa sponsorship. Coinbase may have rescinded their offer, but other employers reading his post are more than eager to exploit off of his desperation. They’ll throw a lowball offer and he’ll take it. https://t.co/Oigj4eiRWR”

“@USTechWorkers US tech companies never discriminate and they have always welcomed “qualified workers”. I’m not sure why this guy is whining when coinbase is simply following their policy which is consistent with law.”

It’s not consistent with law. Under Title 8 of US law it is illegal to hire any foreign worker, skilled or unskilled if doing so “adversely affects the wages or working conditions of Americans similarly employed”.

US tech companies definitely do not welcome Americans with the same fervor that they welcome H-1B invaders.

Stop the lies.


“@USTechWorkers We’ve seen 35 years of tragedy and heartbreak. “If you plant ice, you harvest the wind”. And btw, an entry level engineer that is a doctoral candidate just screams permanently useless.”

But it will immediately siphon more $$$ to #CheapLaborLobby from American Workers

“@sandofsky Ashutosh Ukey should be deported. As an H1B/F1, it was illegal for him to collect unemployment funds. https://t.co/xwrN3m0sZ1”

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