53K Illegal Aliens Given DACA Despite Arrest Records Including for Murder, Rape, Kidnapping

All this “contributing to America” crap is bullshit.

The 3rd world is dumping its criminals into the US. Their kids are criminals just like they are.

No wonder DACA was ruled illegal. We need a new military roundup of this invasion scum destroying America.


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4 Replies to “53K Illegal Aliens Given DACA Despite Arrest Records Including for Murder, Rape, Kidnapping”

  1. Sir/Madam/Transgeder them/

    Perhaps you could take some comprehension lessons you would not be unemployed today and not be wasting time writing such garbage posts out of your impotent rage and frustration against other productive and good people. 53K DACA recipients are mostly one of the most law abiding people in the country and have lower crime rates than native born Americans in most cases.

    DACA is an American regulation which is upheld by various courts and despite someone as hateful as Trump trying it could not be cancelled. So we have to say DACA is the “law of the land” that everyone including the racists know nothings such as yourself should abide by and show some respect.

    Secondly, in USA everyone is innocent unless proven guilty. This is one of the basic principles in American criminal law and anyone who disagrees should pack their bags and catch the next ship back to Europe from where your sorry ass ancestors came here.

    Thirdly, when it comes to this kids the law is also completely irrelevant. Just like white colonizers this country belongs to them because they have spent enough time here. It makes sense for the law to acknowledge what the reality is rather than create fanciful regulations that appeals to some narrow racists.

    I think you will be far happier if you leave this country which as per you is control by Indians, Chinese, Mexicans and is under invasion by brown kids. Have you considered moving to Russia may be ?

    From your general racists posts here it appears you are either unemployed to stuck is some low end job and you are frustrated. Why not take help ? It might calm you down.


    1. Shut up, bean dip.

      Since I wrote software at Apple + Sony and you didn’t, you’re in no position to be lecturing me. If you and your ilk were so productive, CA wouldn’t be collapsing and millions of people wouldn’t be fleeing the state in droves because you 3rd world losers trashed the place. DACA was ruled illegal by the SCOTUS. Period. We have Title 8 immigration laws in this country and DACA and their parents broke into the US by breaking the law. If you don’t like the laws, then invade some other country. CA’s collapse and decline is undeniable. 3rd world invasion is the cause. All of the cities of the west coast have been ruined by you losers – which is why no one wants to live there anymore. You cannot deny the decline. Stop wasting our time with irrelevant remarks about DACA losers. They are all illegal, as was the program. The US isn’t the lawless open borders country you dream it is. We have laws and DACAs and Obama broke them. Most DACA’s parents violated Title 8 of US law and broke into the US illegally. We suggest you actually go and read the law.

      The law is completely irrelevant? Tell that to the courts. Who set you up as God? If you don’t want to obey America’s laws, then don’t break in. White colonizers built the modern world – incuding the internet, computer, and power plant you are now using. Without “white colonizers” the modern world wouldn’t exist. Stop the lies and defamation of white people after white people gave the world everything.

      I, and we, are not going anywhere. The American people demand back what was stolen from them. The reality is we built the US, and you losers are destroying it as it sinks into a debt-ridden cesspool of a collapsed economy and zero productivity. Enjoy your collapsed state of CA since soon none of you will have jobs.

      Russia and BRICS don’t allow mass immigration. There are no guest worker visa prorgams in those countries for 10,000,000 displaced US workers to move there and take jobs. Those countries protect their economies and their own people from foreign invasion so moving there isn’t an option for Americans in this age of globalization.

      We aren’t the racists – Asians and Mexicans are. We are the ones who have been run out of the industries we created by armies of racist invaders. We are merely demanding back what was stolen from us – and to be protected from foreign predators in our own country – just as any other nation would.

      Take your failed guilt trip somewhere else – it doesn’t work here.

      Judge rules DACA was enacted illegally – Washington Times


      San Francisco Facing Mass Exodus Due to Crime, Homelessness


      Portland confronts the limits of its support for homeless services


      1. Lots of blah and very little substance. I don’t think you wrote software at apple but probably mopped floors and cleaned desks of Chinese and Indians. Because to get jobs in such companies one has to have logical reasoning and you should be inclusive. Your racist views automatically disqualify you from working at such places. The fact that you popped out of your mother’s va Gina on this side of the border has very little impact on the fact that you are a bitter unemployable individual whose career ended without achieving anything.

        California remains one of the richest states in the world and continues to produce dozens of billion dollar companies as year unlike any other place on earth. Not to mention most of the people starting these companies are indians and Chinese.

        Whatever that is bad with California is actually because of entitled white people but as more Chinese and Indians enter politics it will get much better.

        DACA is the law of the land. If you do not like it you should leave this country. That is why DACA exists and soon we will pass bills to fully naturalize these kids. Later we will also pass bills so federal government compensates these kids for the harassment. I hope this compensation will come by taxing white conservative states.

        You game is up. Unlike daca kids you won’t even have a second country to run to. You will have to grow old knowing that everyone dislikes the racist prik like you, that your idols are smashed and your life’s greatest achievement is resposting garbage written by fat old racist white men like yourself.

        USA has bright future. The Hispanic, Indian and Asians will be their custodians.

        1. More defamation out of criminal losers from the 3rd world. You do understand that defamation is a crime under US law don’t you? When I worked at Apple there weren’t even very many Indians or Chinese in America. The invasion didn’t start until around 2000 or so. But you probably weren’t even alive then. If you want to talk racism then perhaps you can explain why every single landscaping or construction crew in America is 100% bean-dip in violation of EEOC rules and DOL laws. You’re the racist, invader. We’re merely demanding back what was stolen from us. CA is one of the richest states in the world because it and all of its industries were built by white Americans. We build the industries, you move in and take them over. Like I said, CA won’t last long and is already collapsing. No one wants to live there anymore and millions of people are fleeing. CA was a paradise when white people ran it until 25 years ago. Now it looks like Mexico or Guatemala thanks to 3rd world invasion.

          DACA was ruled illegal by Federal courts and no amount of your opinion will change that.

          And you spelled “prick” wrong, genius. LOL. Another IQ 80 loser. Go back to whatever bean dip hellhole you crawled out of because you’re destroying our country. Parasite. USA has no future thanks to people like you.

          Those billion dollar companies were all built by white Americans. Can you name a single major CA company created by Indians or Chinese? Nope, you can’t because there aren’t any. Learn some history, ignoramus. Tell me how many Indians and Chinese you see in this film:


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