Racist AAPI Victory Alliance Lies About DACA Again

The racist AAPI Victory Alliance is lying again about DACA.

DACA is an illegal program passed dictate by Obama. The SCOTUS already ruled it illegal. It’s a dead program.

The racist and illegal non-profit https://aapivictoryalliance.com/ is continuing to lie about DACA – claiming that “DADA kids” are legal children of legal immigrants when nothing could be further from the truth.

Their parents broke into the US on fraudulent visas 1/4 century ago and overstayed their temporary work permits. It’s a Federal crime under US law to enter the US on a work permit or student visa with itent to immigrate.

DACA kids have no rights, much less the right to take jobs from Americans in America.

Title 8 forbids both DACA kids and their visa-overstaying parents from working in the US.

The qustion is what is this group’s real agenda. As their name shows, their real intent is victory over white people.

Call your congresspeople and the FBI now and demand these illegal inadmissible alien groups be shut down now.


Deferred Action for Childhood (DACA) turned 10 this week. This Obama-era policy provided protection from deportation to immigrant youth who met certain requirements, in addition to access to education resources and work authorization. As a result, DACA recipients contribute $3.4 billion annually to the U.S. Treasury and $42 billion to the annual GDP. In the past 10 years, DACA has protected over 835,000 Dreamers, but disruptions during the Trump administration show just how vulnerable Dreamers are without permanent protection.

Thousands of Dreamers grew up with the hopes of moving from the margins of society to a life of visibility and security, but they continue to face uncertainty without passage of legislation to ensure their status. All Dreamers deserve to have their American Dreams fulfilled. As we commemorate Immigrant History Month and the 10th anniversary of DACA, we commit to fighting for permanent protections for Dreamers and immigrant families in this next decade“.

You grew up here illegally because your parent broken into America and overstayed their inadmissible alien work visas, which were obtained fraudulently.

“DACA recipients contribute $3.4 billion annually to the U.S. Treasury and $42 billion to the annual GDP”

Sources please? What are these fake numbers based on? Made up? Lies? Smoke and mirrors. Non-immigrant immigrants remit hundreds of billions of dollars out of the US every year and ship trillions in US industries to other countries. Stop the lies. The US tax base has collapsed, and the US now has tens of millions of homeless people whom you displaced out of jobs. These people do not contribute to our economy – they are here robbing us.

No deportation protection. No work permit. On DACA’s 10th anniversary, thousands left behind – Los Angeles Times

You’re all inadmissible aliens. You’re not even allowed to enter the US for work.

Sorry – find another country or else fix your own.

Sob stories are not the same thing as law.

In the workplace, DACA kids make sure white + black Americans never work again.

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