The Clintons claim America is on the edge of losing democracy

The biggest traitors in American history – the Clintons – are now claiming we’re on the edge of losing our democracy.

If we are it’s their fault.

In the 1990’s while in office Bill Clinton signed Loral + Hughes export waivers allowing those companies to sell our nuclear ICBM launch technology to communist China and India.

The US government was stable until the Clintons took office. They were the ones who disregarded our laws and Constitution. And it has already been proven they have been working for enemy governments.

When Hillary Clinton was Sec. of State she also engineered the sale of 1/2 of the UraniumOne company to Russia – which now allows Russia to control 52% of all Uranium mining on US soil.

The Clintons also engineered mass foreign silent invasion and displacement of the US workforce by armies of inamissible aliens in America. By illegally opening our borders to foreign predators and ignoring Title 8 of US law, milllions of Americans were driven from their careers.

We are losing our democracy alright – to foreign powers because the Clintons made it happen.

Hillary Clinton is really distracting the country from her treason.

You can’t hide Hillary – the American people have awoken to your crimes on them and now the time for justice is at hand.

The corruption of the US government began in the Clinton era when the grifters from Arkansas took office.

The penalty for treason under US law and the US Constitution is death. The ony question is: how is it possible the Clintons are still walking around scott-free after going what will be fatal damage to the US?

The Clintons claim America is on the edge of losing democracy: Hillary says ‘everything that everybody else cares about’ could ‘go out the window’ and Bill tells James Corden he fears for the ‘structure of government’

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