Silicon Valley Pain Index: How racial inequalities continue to grow

Indian + Chinese thieves have stolen Apple.

Apple Secrets Thief Had Patriot Missile File

Over at Cadence in San Jose, it’s 100% racist Chinese in violation of US law and EEOC rules.

It’s displaced white American STEM workers who are feeling the most racial inequality pain.

Welcome to Silicon Valley. Only Indians allowed.
Tim Cook loves racial inequality.

No, India is. But China wins 2nd place hands down.

Why does China need foreign technology. Aren’t they the Smartest People In The World? We’re confused……

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4 Replies to “Silicon Valley Pain Index: How racial inequalities continue to grow”

  1. White men have stolen a lot from others illegally and used others to enrich themselves. Their time is up. Silicon valley wont have diversity until every Trump supporting/Nativist/Communist/Socialism white men is fired from their job.

    Also, white men who complain about California becoming shithole should not complain that they are not getting jobs in Silicon Valley. They should got to Alabama and live with their sister.

    1. Folks, this comment just shows that Bill Clinton’s delusion that the Chinese race will ever graduate beyond a 7th grade childish mentality of “Your mom, your sister” garbage is still as strong as ever. The Chinese race will never grow up – especially today’s Chinese youth. These people have the mentality of a grade school playground. And we’re letting millions of them into our country to steal our best jobs.

      Which race created all the industries that have pulled 2-3 billion people out of poverty in shithole China and India?

      That would be the white race. Since China stole $100 trillion of US industry.

      Were you even alive 25 years ago when America was booming and China + India begged the US to “Share your technology with us”? Chinese generals screamed in 1998 “WE WANT WHAT YOU HAVE”.

      Thanks for showing the true racist face of Chinese in America. You are still a tiny minority in this country and white people aren’t going anywhere. And thanks for your IP address because we know where you live now and will be suing your for defamation.

      Who invented the internet, computer, and software you are now using?

      White people did. Just like we invented everything you now have.

      The US gov’t should sen the US Army in and round you all up, thief.

      China owes US all its land in payment for the $100 trillion of stolen industries you took from us. Once a thief, always a thief.

      Must be a sad little life you have knowing you are nothing but thieves and copycats. Without our jobs you’d still be slurping noodles in a rice field somewhere hunting rats for dinner.

      U.S. Says Accused Apple Secrets Thief Had Patriot Missile File – BNN Bloomberg

      1. > The US gov’t should sen the US Army in and round you all up, thief.

        Send where ? California ? In few years most of US Army will be Asian too. The defense contractors, their industrial workers and software providers are already Asians/Indians.

        In coming 10 years, US military will be > 50% no white with around 30% hispanics and 25% blacks. So beware, those soliders might catch you when you go to social security to collect your welfare check and might ask you to show your papers or deport your ass back to Alabama.

        > Since China stole $100 trillion of US industry.

        That would be a very tiny amount compared to what USA has stolen from Native Americans, Phillipinos and Mexicans. I mean entire California was forcibly annexed by USA, so it is but natural that Mexicans are taking it back. Consider yourself lucky that you are not being deported to Alabama.

        Chinese exclusion act was created to steal wealth from the Chinese. My estimates suggests that this has deprived Chinese Americans and their kids of wealth around $400T over last several decades.

        1. The Chinese Exclusion Act was passed because the Chinese dumb workers imported to build our railroads were found to be such virulent thieves that the gov’t had to round you up and deport you all. China is the world’s #1 thief nation and always will be – you live off us and our work like parasites. Can you name even one major computer programming language ever created by any Chinese? No you can’t because none exist. Without us you would still be unemployed begging us for a bowl of rice. White people didn’t take anything from The Savages of North America because they didn’t have anything to take. They were sitting around smoking dope in huts and not developing the land. No wonder they got conuqered and tossed onto reservations. We have been here 400 years and built the modern world and everything in it. That includes all our jobs which you now occupy. And the Mexicans were murderous savages too. Ever hear of ancient Mexico City and all the human sacrifice at the stone temples there? That is why their land was taken away from them. That is why they got conquered by white people. You sure hate white people but you sure love to live in the land we built and to work in all the companies we built. You and the bean dips are nothing but thieves. Must be pretty sad for you when you lay your little thieving Chinese head down to sleep at night knowing you are nothing but a thief and that is all you ever will be. And thanks for admitting your real goal is invasion and occupation. You’re the racists. White people aren’t going anywhere. Chinese are just as savage as the dope-smoking native Americans. Stop wasting our time, beggar, we don’t have time for losers like you. Get out of my country and go back to China where you belong, thief.

          Benjamin Franklin
          Remarks concerning the Savages of North America

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