Sunny Balwani + the Glaring Lack of Interest in His Trial


The India Inc mafia that took over and stole Silicon Valley sure doesn’t want the MSM covering the Indian Mafia Theranos trial.

Balwani broke into the US on a fraud visa, conned investors and Elizabeth Holmes, and now the jig is up.

The thieves from India + China in Silicon valley don’t want Americans learning what they are really doing in America.

We predict Balwani will get off and Holmes will be the fall girl and get the slammer.

The courts in CA will never ever convict an Indian. White people take the fall in CA courts.

One can just imagine the NASSCOM/India Inc machinations going on behind the scenes in CA to keep this fraud invader out of prison.

Will America in general ever learn the truth about what the India Inc invasion is doing to America?

Theranos trial: legal saga reaches final chapter as Sunny Balwani faces verdict

Sunny Balwani slammed as Theranos accomplice in trial: Feds

“The feds slammed ex-Theranos chief operating officer Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani as a clear accomplice to former lover and disgraced company founder Elizabeth Holmes on Tuesday as the former executive’s fraud trial approached its conclusion.

In a lengthy closing argument, federal prosecutors reiterated their case that Balwani was an active participant, alongside Holmes, in a scheme to defraud investors and patients of the doomed medical technology startup.

“Mr. Balwani is not a victim, he is the perpetrator of the fraud,” prosecutor Jeffrey Schenk told jurors during the proceedings”.

Typical India Inc Mafia: pull off all kinds of fraud and then when caught scream oppression + victimhood. They do it every time. We hope you’ll hop a flight out to Silicon Valley and walk around a bit, Mr. Schenk because this kind of fraud is rampant all over the valley – not to mention the mass H-1B visa fraud going on by India Incs all over the country.

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