Global money ditches Big Tech for a new group of stocks

Those armies of highly skilled + talented workers sure helped keep Silicon Valley going didn’t they?

Just look at all that innovation out of H-1Bs from China + India.

These frauds live off the US like parasites.

And they are destroying us.

Silicon Valley is so passé now that no one cares. The Bay Area is a 3rd world disaster. No one wants to live there. Armies of Indians + Chinese use Silicon Valley as a tech and wealth export engine for Asia.

Everyone is fleeing the valley. It’s a total fail now that American STEM workers have been kept out for close to 1/4 century by the invaders.

No one can continue to argue these parasites are good for our economy.

Call your congresspeople and demand an end to all parasitic foreign work visa programs now – else America may never recover.

Train wreck CA – courtesy the India Inc mafia.
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