A reader sent us this:

“Dear Religious Freedom Advocates,

VP Harris belongs to a  IMPACT Indian American Impact Fund which has  links to Right-wing Hindu Radicals- RSS / BJP / OFBJP  and their affiliates. 


Here are four of its members who have close ties with Right-wing Hindu Radicals- RSS / BJP / OFBJP and their affiliates and please keep in mind that OFBJP was a Unregistered Foreign Agent until August 2020 and so far its appears that the DOJ FARA Division has failed to do their jobs by holding OFBJP and their co-conspirators  accountable including Rep Krishnamoorthi who was very vocal against Republicans including Senator Purdue in Georgia and helped Biden / Harris get the Indian American Vote.

If you closely examine the why the DOJ and FBI handled the Steele Dossier which was all based on lies and fabrications  and then the way they handled my complaints which were based on truth and facts including a witness statement from Brannon Michael Parker who initiated RSS Influence / Interference into Tulsi Gabard’s campaign then you would have to conclude that there is some serious corruption in the DOJ and FBI which negatively impacted Conservatives , the Trump / Pence Campaign and every legal American Voter / Vote.

The attachments below help prove Four  Democrats from IMPACT have close ties with Right-wing Hindu Radicals- the RSS / BJP / OFBJP- Rep Krishnamoorthi, Councilman Steve Rao, Rep Kuppa and Councilman Rishi Kumar

If I spent more time on it then I am sure I could discover more such as Rep Ami Bera who has been pro-Modi Regime / RSS / BJP while largely ignoring the Religious Persecution of Christians, Muslims, Dalits and others. 

Basically if you go by the standards which many Democrats are currently using regarding “Right-wing Terrorism” then IMPACT and its members support Hindu Radical Right-wing Terrorism / Terrorists out of India who have been illegally operating in the USA as Unregistered Foreign Agents and meddling / interfering in our elections to mostly help Democrats including the Biden / Harris Campaign”.

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