Walmart AND GE have been doing mass H-1B visa fraud for years. Where is the DOJ/EEOC?

Foreman says these jobs are goin’ boys. And they ain’t comin’ back.

“LYNN — Members of IUE-CWA Local 201, along with allies from the North Shore Labor Council, protested in front of Walmarts in Lynn and Salem Saturday to protest what they call the offshoring of union jobs.

The focus of the event was on a GE-Savant lighting facility in Bucyrus, Ohio, whose workers recently were notified of a work transfer to China.

Local 201 President Adam Kaszynski said that the transfer would lead to 80 job losses.

“People are saying that if these jobs go, then it’s only a matter of time before the plant closes,” said Kaszynski.

“During the recent elections a lot of candidates were talking about keeping good jobs in the US,” she said. “Now is the time. Talk is not enough”.

GE CEO Said It Was His “Task to Outsource Manufacturing”