Kamala Harris Melts Down When Asked Who The Real US President Is

Hitting a little too close to home, there, Harris? https://www.infowars.com/posts/disturbing-kamala-harris-melts-down-when-asked-who-the-real-u-s-president-is/ Joe Biden Calls Kamala Harris ‘President’ During Speech at South Carolina State University

Yet another top post at White House for Indian-American

Foreign powers are placing their unregistered foreign agents all over our gov’t. newsindiatimes.com/yet-another-top-post-at-white-house-for-indian-american/ “Gautam Raghavan, formerly a senior liaison at the Obama White House, takes…

What’s wrong with Kamala Harris?

She’s too busy working for the racist Indian American IMPACT Fund + USINPAC – both illegal foreign lobbies. https://spectatorworld.com/topic/wrong-with-kamala-harris-science/